GRUPPO PADANO LEVRIERISTI Cinodromo per Levrieri — Castano Primo

Mainland Cup 2013 — by WRK & GPL

MAINLAND CUP 2013 First Edition!! Double Race organized by the GPL in collaboration with the WRK group from Kleindöttingen.

A gorgeous trophy is up for grabs to the dog who will get the highest score within the 2 races. Enrollment are opened right now:

  1. 05.May.2013 >> the first race in Kleindöttingen at the “Swiss Open 2013” >> CLICK HERE TO ENROLL
  2. 08.June.2013 closing race in Castano Primo, on the charming evening of “Racing by Night 13”>> CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

BEWARE: Only the dogs that will take part in both races, they can win the beautiful MAINLAND CUP!

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