GRUPPO PADANO LEVRIERISTI Cinodromo per Levrieri — Castano Primo

The Club

The GPL (Gruppo Padano Levrieristi that stands for the sighthounds club of the Po valley) is an amateur non-profit organization founded in 1995 to promote greyhounds’ sport activity. The group is composed of exhibitors and enthusiasts, breeders and private individuals. Some people do not miss a training and others take it philosophically. There are sighthounds with great potential and puppies grappling with a new, exciting game.

Running makes our sighthounds happy. Often living in cities is a bit depressing for a greyhound: the opportunities to indulge are not many. The GPL basically wants to give your greyhound a chance to be freed from the leash in a safe environment and do whatever he likes most: run. For the fans of racing amateur GPL also provides the opportunity to develop the best natural talent of his own athlete.

The GPL Club manages a greyhound sand track approved by Enci in Castano Primo – Milano.

Follow the description: sand ground; 350 and 525 meters starts; parabolic curve with a slope of 8%; towing continuous; irrigation and artificial lighting, grandstand, bar, restaurant, bathrooms, showers, shaded parking. Practically the best amateur greyhound track available in Italy.

Check the dates on the GPL Calendar to know our manifestations!

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